Thursday, April 2, 2009

great heart of love..

In his autobiography, Rev. Tilden describes his experience with the idea of the Holy Spirit. "Orthodoxy had given me the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, which old-fashioned Unitarianism had said little about; but it was linked with a trinity I could not understand. The doctrine of the 'Immanence of god' gave the Holy Spirit to me in sweeter, tenderer, more rational for,-an ever present holy influence from god, not going and coming like a revival preacher, but a perpetual, indwelling presence." Today's Leaflet is about that promise.
"COMING AGAIN (Scripture Readings)

A LITTLE while, and ye shall not see me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see me, because I go to the Father.
Then said some of his disciples among themselves, What is this that he saith unto us, A little while, and ye shall not see me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see me: and, Because I go to the Father?
They said therefore, What is this that he saith, A little while? we cannot tell what he saith.
Now Jesus knew that they were desirous to ask him, and said unto them, Do ye enquire among yourselves of that I said, A little while, and ye shall not see me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see me ?
Verily, verily, I say unto you, That ye shall weep and lament, but the world shall rejoice: and ye shall be sorrowful, but your sorrow shall be turned into joy. .
I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

John xiv. xvi.

COMING AGAIN (Tilden's Meditation)

JESUS knew his work on earth was short. This "little while" troubled his disciples. It was himself, as well as his teaching, that won their hearts. He made their yoke easy and their burden light. His going away would break the spell of his personal presence, even though it brought the Comforter. How does Christ come ? He is coming again and yet again, always coming, as Son of God and Saviour from selfishness and sin, stimulating us to live as heirs with him of the Life Eternal. This world is fairer, life richer, human loves deeper, hope brighter, God nearer, and heaven dearer, for the coming of His Spirit in our midst. Let us feel the beating of his great heart of Love. Lowly hearts cannot let' him go; heroic hearts cling to him ; philanthropic hearts receive a new baptism of his spirit. Whose heart does not say, All hail! to such a coming, not in the clouds of heaven, but in the souls of men ? "
I will come to you."
Come Holy Spirit Come! Blessings

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